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Thursday, March 4, 2010


How's life without reading my blog eh? Hmm , so monthly test is finally gone. Had a freaking heartache today , but let's not remind me of this alright? Just hope that it's gonna be fine in the future.*prays prays prays*

Oh , before I start my essay , hahaha

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SAMPAT CALLIE LIM WEI QI!" You're seventeen , one year older already! Hope you had a blast today thou it's last day of our tests , and I know you LOVE the card haha feel so glad when you said that! Lastly , once and for all , I love you byk byk!


Okay , life had been up and down , bitter & sweet. So far so good (: Chinese New Year is awesome , but it's not-so-awesome when you're away from home while your friends are having open houses! Red packets are definitely , awesome too. What's CNY without gambling? Not-so lucky with that , I blamed my green shirt anyway *inside joke*

Hmm , bought a new swimsuit last week , looking forward to swim , haha anyone?

Alright , nothing much to mention , too much of stucture questions until it made me don't feel like im writing too much! Bye!

Sunday, January 3, 2010
"Oh , I've got straight As' ! Hoooray,Daddy,Daddy,I want ........"

Familiar? Many of people scored well in PMR and they asked for rewards and presents , Im pretty envious of that but I am feeling guilty for not studying hard for this , instead I have , an one and only A for english *no need to go back china HAHA wtf*

Yea , one A only. Dissapointment huh? I know , I felt that too. Before that I was planning to learn jive and salsa and go for guitar classes , my interests had broken into pieces when I knew about my result. I am pretty sad for it , so I made up my mind , I MUST study like a mad cow this year. A whole new year , a whole new beginning. Did I mentioned about stop blogging , I think NOT! Don't be weirded-out , or shocked , because I am serious , I'm quiting blogging. I need more time to date my books , so probaly I've no time for blogging , so do you think I've time to find out who you're anonymous? Even if I've time , I would do something more meaningful , other than finding some guy/girl that hates me , c'mon I'm the crazy bitch around here , I'll do it when I like it?

Hectic , Busy , Crazy , FORM 4 schedules , I'M COMING! I'm ready for school , yeah , I'M READY. I believe my hard work will pay off someday , I believe in myself , I am feeling confident already ! No more wasting time because time flies without you noticing. See , bad results ain't that bad , it motivates you to aim for higher results next time , so yea butt up go get some books and study , study & study!

Ugh ! I'm speechless. I'm having this, indescribable feeling, sigh. MM SEI DE MY BLOG LAR, although I'm not deleting it , but I'll still miss it a lot.No doubts , my fingers are gonna be so itchy. I'll be feeling empty without blogging , that's for sure! I'll come back if my studies are stable enough , alright? I promised , elaine is gonna keeps every single promise.
Oh do leave me a tag ! I'll reply it as soon as possible :D

This will be my very first post of 2010 & temporarily last post , aww miss me X)

Bye! xoxo'

Ps : Happy Birthday Rushan! Love you byk!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's the last day of 2009 , just few more hours , here come YEAR 2010 which will gonna be GOOD YEAR for everyone! Lokking back , this year isn't a very good year for me.

  • I broke up with my boyf that we almost last for one year.
  • Girl Fights with the best friends.
  • No passion in choir , wasn't active at all , this was kinda one of the reason I didn't get into the musical.
  • Not interest to study , my result was sucks in the end.

Pratically , nothing good actually happened. Now , it's new fresh start , I told myself I'm gonna study like a mad cow next year , study smart & be hardwokring , I don't mind being a nerd now , all I want is passing my examinations with flying colours. Forgot those unhappy , unecessary things that happened , because it's no use to regret now. No waiting for a flower that doesn't bloom ; don't play on a broken string. I've got the spirit , I am feeling utterly excited for the appearance of 2010 , it's never too late to do anything if you've the heart (:

Time flies as fast as quiksilver like what I've always said , every ups and downs ended in a blink of an eye. In times gone by , I think I've learned to be more mature , at least I don't do childish sutff anymore. I would like use this oppurnity to thanks those people that stand by me whatever happens to me , each and every breakdowns , happy moments etc.

Voon Li Teng is my Best-est Friend Forever. She's the most understanding friend I ever had. She forgives me on everything , anything , so do I. Although we don't meet each other that much like how we used to , but our friendship still remain close & tight. I always sent you random message that says "I MISS YOU" , I called you up no matter what happened to me , yea I know mostly it was all tearing and crying talking about him HAHAHA She doesn't thinks that I'm annoying and she calm me down , I always ended up feeling much better or a smile on my face , babe just to tell you , you'll be , and always be someone first , special & close to my heart. Happy New Year ! ♥
To be frank , I miss y'guy's crazyness a lot , although we're not that close anymore but we're cool again are we? I know I'm not the best friend more like a lousy friend , but it's a brand new year. I believe our friendship will bloom better in future , have a blessed new year , my friends X)

Come to this very special someone , Marcus Pee! I know you felt so bad about talking less with me this year due to you've became the president of CF , I'm here to say this to you again , "IT'S OKAY BROTHER , I STILL LOVE YOU !" I think you might tearing by now HAHAHAHA Cry in heart also can , I don't mind wtf! He's busy but he never forgets me , this mui , he tried his best to catch up with my life and all. I just wanna wish you , Happy New Year , dearest brother :D

JaneShauna Voon Ei Mei. 19 letters but I usually called her two letters , NA! See how old the first picture was? It was taken on 2007 , and now 2010 is coming , see how time can flies so fast eh? She's well known ,a overworried sister , it's good because she worried about me too lmao! Have a blessed new year , na , you know I love you! ♥
Edward Goh Zheng Yi , my best buddy ever! He's my butt , "pretend boyf" , brother , best friend &ponteng kaki! LOL One thing I know about him is , he cares alot of me , right butt? He talked to me in msn whenever I'm online. We gossip , sing , exchange secrets and cheer each other up when who's down or what. He's the great teman ever! I still remeber there was one time he called me up , and didn't speak any word but hello and listened to my craps,scoldings , complains. I was like a macine gun that keep on shooting bullets out non-stop , he kept quiet and being so patient listening to me! Awwww, he's so sweet! Butt , we needa hang out I tell you!
Happy New Year , I'll miss you !

Justin Wong! Pinky! I can trust him that why's he's good kp , I would say *are you feeling proud now jus?* Hoho , he's another counselor of mine! He's someone I can whacked for no reason ! Happy New Year Jus-tin!

Emily Ching aka sweetie pie :D She made me smile! We're crazy about talking anything. Talking with her , it's full of laughters ! Although we had some missunderstandings , but we managed to solve it , and our friendship grows ever stronger now , I love you babe ! You're the sweetest human I've ever met LOL Hope you have blast today!

Mayeee , preferable calling you May Ru. LOL Yes. We gossip about vertain someone ALOT , well all the time! If someday we didn't talk about certain someone , I think that'll be end of the world or Tsunami's coming HAHAHAHA Happy New Year babe , hope 2010 will be great year for you and me Xp
Yuan Ping! My Godsis :D We shop till we drop , we laugh till we cry. We're honest to each other , very very honest. This is one thing I love , this is called sisterly love :DD From the deespest of my heart , I love you lots ! Happy New Year , jie!

Wen Li the LOUDSPEAKER! We've few things similiar , I tell you!
We're both lefties.
We're both borned on January.
We're both pink lovers.
We're both .... I dont know already. LOL
Not just only these reasons , we're just close :D I think this is fate? hahaha Happy New Year babe! Keep in touch!
Paul Low! Gossip partner!!!! We hang out after school everyday! Happy New Year dude , hope to talk to you soon :DDDDDDDDDD

Finally , Phung is your turn! VANES PHUNG PUII YI aka boyf! I dont know what to say , but I've a great time with you on outings we have! We should go work again! Don't hesitate to call me out and about something , I know you need my teman :D Happy New year!

The very last one :D I would like to say THANK YOU for the memories! I know it's super awkward for you and me to continue comunicate! HAHA wtf! But hope to talk to you soon , we can friends right lmao Happy New Year !

I believe that next year is gonna be an AWESOME YEAR. You'll be seeing me turning into a geeky , nerdy ELAINE because my pmr results dissapointed alot of you I know , so I am butting up and study hard! And of course I'll be focusing on choir club too :D

and Inter-school team
tones of books &
Coffee Breaks ♥
May you have nice day today , enjoy the very last moment of YEAR 2009 ,
Sincerely ,
Elaine Seng.
Goodbye , 2009.

Okay , first things first! Yeah! It's finally done uploading these pictures , I'm gonnna cursed this internet 1oo million times , why is it so dan freaking SLOW??! It died few times till I losted the counts , but gaaaah who cares stop complaining ... Hello loves ! What a rainy day AGAIN , that much affect me to have this feeling go back to my bed , HOOIH Maybe I'mma LAZY PIG but not a sleeping monster! This morning afternoon , when I woke up the house was eerily quiet. Not one sound echoed in the kitchen or toilet , I was wondering , it's my house right? Of course it's my house! Just Mum & Mr hoho brother had went out while the elder brother is still having his sweet dreams. I was supposed to watch AVATAR 3D today with my elder brother , unlucky things happened , he's not awake and I don't wanna wake him up by getting scolded by him for no reason , I shall wait & hope. Now you know why am I blogging by now? It's dead bored here. So... the few days after Felix Hell's concert , I went Suria KLCC again with the family again but mainly it was mainly to get mum's chrismtas present. We visited the KL Tower since Mr Aussie aka second brother didn't been there before , we decided to go.

Bought tickets and went up to the highest floor , look what we've here , mini KL tower bottle , cute enough.

brotherly love X)

Feeling a little bit to type so just let the picture do the talking alright?

oh , this is definitely a fake pose XP
I was checking out where's the Shangri-la hotel lmao , mummy and I!


My prettty mum & elder brother.
"I called him Fatty , he called me mini" remember this?

Nahhh , the scenery from the tower , I could've done better IF I owned a DSLR.
Hah! This is random , I was focusing those colourful ballons XD
my "toy-car" collection , this is pretty lame.

and our..
As you know the tower was quite small , it took us not long to look around.

some traditional dance.

Afterthat , we went to visit THE ZOO IN THE CITY! I didn't go to zoo in ages. Suprisingly , this zoo is not grubby like those in ZOO NEGARA , thinking of it , it's really a nightmare if you worked in there.
Beware I tell you , it's not a vege , it eats meat!

a real & big parrot that I thought it was fake one till it chirped & said HELLO! hahaha

My first sight , I thought what the hell why they put shits to let us see ,
I looked clearly , it was a BIG FAT snake! Wtf

Admit this is creative ! How many people do this in Zoo? Beat this xD

random snake that lives on rocks ,

on the tree ,

on the sand,
and in the WATER!

I couldn't find any pink snakes but I found this yellow snake so I took a picture with it!

a baby crocodile. YES , crocodile!

Sorry , he catcher / hunter wannabe.

heh , who does it better?

I am an animal-lover Cheyh!

I purposely asked him to pose like this so he looked like he's going to eat em' up. HAHAHA
wild turtle that moves suuuuuuuu-peeeeeeee-rrrrrr sssss-lllloowwwwwwww.

RED TEGU from South Africa.

oh , this is plain pathetic. I can see it's suffering from pain but I don't know what pain.
It looked like it's dying :(
this is one funny and sad , it wants my camera! and sadly he can't get it because he's trapped in the cage!

this is a candid shot but funny!

I didn't go to the part where it's all rooster & chicken. It's bloooody smelly and I don't wanna caused bird-flu! What an excuse.

Then , We went to play Formula One , I'm a balia punye racer. I was very clumsy , that kept on turning left and right and bang here there. I shout when I bang something it was quite embrassing! :S
I didn't want to ride on this poor donkey that have to carry visitors all day. Awwww , how elaine can be so loving? LOL!

Stomache was groaning already , so it's time for dinner!
What is daddy grinning?
Louis & Elaine Seng :D The brother that looks more like boyfriend.

Dinner at Secret Recipe because it's crowede as usual.
Garden Salad.
My chocolate Indulgence.

I didn't have time to snap a picture of my Bolognese Spaghetti because it was late and I'm starving ! I didn't really realise until I finished my food HAHAHAHA
Iced-Lemon Tea.
Ho's Marble Cheese Cake.
Beef rice? forgotten what's called.
Louis's BlueBerry Cheese Cake.
Louis's Frosty Lemon Juice.

After dinner , I , the well known LIGHT BULB of my parents , we shopping around & Daddy bought Mummy a Gucci tote as Christmas present ; nothing for me :/
Gor posing I think.
He has got his COMICS.
Louis & Cheong Ho SENG :D

me being me as usual :D

What a tiring but happy day! The next day , Daddy "flew" to work. I'll keep updating like what I promised.